Rocco Basile on Salvaging Old Wood – Boats and Homes

Wood is a naturally robust material that has been used to make boats and houses that can last for generations. Wood is built to last. Some woods, such as larch, harden with time. Other types of wood have natural substances that protect it from rot. This is particularly important when the wood structure is exposed to moisture. Boats are constantly in contact with water. Houses are in direct contact with the weather elements such as rain and humidity.

Sometimes a wooden structure outlives its purpose. This leaves us with quality wood that can be repurposed into functional and decorative uses. So, what do you make from an old, retired wooden boat or home? You can reuse it to build durable items. This is because it is guaranteed to last for a long time.

What Makes Wood from Old Boats and Houses Good for Re-Use?

Boats and houses are built for the long-term. This means the materials used must be able to withstand various challenges for an extended period. Building wood has gone through a rigorous selection process. Different parts of the structures can be made of varying types of wood. This means the wood is of the highest quality.

Let us look at some of the properties that make old wood from boats and homes suitable for reuse.

The wood has been tested to ensure it can resist swelling, warping and shrinking.

It is hard to crack or rot.

The wood is durable, moisture resistant, and has superior bending qualities.

It is usually free of knots and can be sliced into thin veneers quickly.

It includes long planks with straight grains that are easy to rework.

Some of the woods used in building boats and houses include larch, birch, mahogany, teak, oak, ash, yew, balsa and beech. A combination of both hardwoods and softwoods are typically used depending on the particular section of the structure. Most hardwoods will last longer than softwoods. This makes them an excellent option for repurposing.

Uses for Old Salvaged Wood

Reclaimed wood has many applications. It is an inexpensive way to model new items without incurring a high cost of materials. Wood from old boats can be used to make commercial grade flooring products such as parquets. It is also an excellent choice for refacing cabinets in the house. Salvaged wood can be used to create wall cladding. Besides adding to the value of the property, it enables you to add a themed look to the room.

Salvaged wood is excellent for making functional pieces of furniture such as chairs, tables, and simple cabinets. It can also be used for innovative flooring, wool wall tiles, and stools. In like manner, numerous home décor items can be made from recycled wood such as shelves, lamp shades, artworks, and toys.

Rocco Basile is an experience real estate developer based in Tribeca, New York City. He is the Principal of Avo Construction. He has been in the construction market all his life. Prior to Avo Construction, he worked as the manager for Basile Builders Group for over ten years.

Boat Repair and the Value of Historical Restoration


BoldLeads Boat RepairThere are just a handful of areas throughout the United States that every boating enthusiast can agree upon as truly “must-see” boating destinations, and the waters of both Galveston and the Florida Keys are certain to be included in this very exclusive group. Surely the continued and unique excellence of the marine opportunities available in these locales is part of the reason, but there are also historical considerations visitors take into account when recognizing these areas as among the best of the very best.

In the same way shrewd real estate agents are more likely to use BoldLeads and to value the preservation of history, boaters visiting the Keys or the Gulf Coast are more likely to be interested in the history of areas like Galveston, Islamorada and Key West. This is why boat repair is as critical to history preservation as BoldLeads is to real estate, as there is a multitude of historical items and artifacts that are in need of everything from ongoing care to complete restoration.

It is often the case that historical icons come to be associated with these areas, which is why Ernest Hemingway’s Key West home is preserved in the same way he left it and why there is still a marina and a fishing contest in his name in Cuba. While Hemingway left his mark as a mariner in Havana and Key West, Ted Williams left one of his own in Islamorada. In a recent undertaking, local boat repair experts are restoring the baseball icon’s skiff to preserve yet another part of Islamorada’s marine history.

From Galveston to Guam, Investors Underground Offers Access to an Exceptional Community of Day Traders

sea-431772_960_720Galveston is not exactly immediately identified as a city in which there is a thriving community of investment-minded individuals, and it is certainly not one in which the practice of day trading is so readily associated. Despite this fact, residents of Galveston are nonetheless able to enjoy the extensive benefits made possible through continued access to a sizable community of like-minded investors interested in sharing their unique insights and expertise regarding day trading methods and strategies.

Through the community of day traders established by Investors Underground, day traders living in Galveston are able to connect with day traders in locations all over the country, making it possible to expand their base of knowledge to a degree that would have not otherwise been possible without the existence of such a community. There is also the clear benefit associated with live updates provided through the day trading community’s forums, and those without much previous experience in day trading are able to benefit from access to supportive mentors as well as regularly occurring educational opportunities.

Dedicated investors have always found a way in which they could overcome geographic barriers in order to pursue the investment strategy they felt would be most beneficial, and Investors Underground’s day trading community has succeeded in removing whatever geographic barriers may have remained by making day trading commonplace in some of the most remote areas in which few would have ever expected to find a thriving investment community.

Streamline Your Boat Maintenance Schedule With These Simple Strategies

There are very few drawbacks to owning a boat that gets frequent use, especially when one considers the endless recreational pursuits that are only possible through the use of a boat. Whether these pursuits include a daylong fishing trip, an exhausting afternoon of watersports or just a relaxing evening spent enjoying a clear and cloudless day out on the water, boat enthusiasts are able to enjoy a great deal of benefits as a result of owning a boat. While these benefits are quite varied, it is important to note that there are some basic maintenance requirements that need to be understood in order to ensure that the boat remains in perfect working condition for many years to come.

Regular Maintenance Tasks

Boaters familiar with the work of 1 Stop Maintenance will immediately understand the rationale behind the property management company’s focused approach when it comes to performing even the most simple but necessary responsibilities. While One Stop Maintenance operates in a different industry, boaters can learn a great deal from the company’s philosophy and would be wise to apply this philosophy to their own boat maintenance schedule.

In terms of specifics, boaters should already recognize the importance of regularly washing their boat. This is especially true of a boat used in saltwater, as any salt that is left behind can degrade the metal fasteners along with the boat’s protective coating in relatively short order. After each outing, boaters should take the time to patiently and thoroughly wash the boat so that its lifespan is not shortened unnecessarily. This may mean cutting a trip out on the water short by a few minutes, but losing 15 minutes of time on the water is a far better outcome than the alternative.

In addition to washing the boat, owners should also take a look at the propeller each time they return from the water and again before they launch. While a quick visual inspection can reveal any major flaws, the propeller should be removed every so often for a more thorough inspection. A damaged propeller can lead to inefficient performance and wasted fuel, so there is a great deal of value in taking the few moments required to look the propeller over before and after use.

After every 100 hours of boat usage, it becomes quite likely that the oil will need to be changed. This can be done by the owner with relative simplicity, but there are also boat dealerships that will service the boat in this way if the owner does not wish to change the oil on their own. Boat owners should understand that the engine demands placed on a boat are much different than those placed on a car, so regularly changing the oil and utilizing marine-grade oil is of particular importance.

Seasonal Maintenance Responsibilities

There are a number of maintenance tasks that do not need to be performed with the frequency of the aforementioned responsibilities, but that does not mean that these tasks are any less important to boaters. Depending on the climate, boaters may need to take a number of steps to ensure their boat is properly prepared for the winter months. This may include different forms of protection from the elements through the use of everything from shrink-wrapping to months-long storage.

When spring rolls around, the boat has to be prepared for the peak boating season. Most boaters create a spring checklist of the various maintenance tasks that have to be performed, with a focus on everything from the fuel system to the safety gear. While performing spring maintenance, boaters have to remember to look over each of the following components and to make any repairs that are necessary:

• Fuel and electrical systems
• Fluid levels, oil filters and drive lubricants
• Propeller along with whole of boat’s exterior
• Hoses, cables and belts

This is especially true following a cold winter season since many of the rubber components can crack or become quite brittle due to low temperatures. Of course, it is absolutely imperative that boat owners also inspect all of the safety equipment to make sure safety requirements are met and all of the equipment will function in the way it is intended in the event of an unforeseen accident. With proper preparation and care, regular boat maintenance can extend the hours of enjoyment the boat is able to provide and can ensure that the passengers are kept safe at all times.

Reviewing the Trading Community Created by Investors Underground

investors_undergroundIn this review, I will be discussing the many advantages made available through the services offered by Investors Underground. I joined this day trading community just over a year ago and simply hoped to find advice on how to improve my level of investment success on penny stocks, which had been solid up to that point but was still relatively unimpressive. I recently renewed my subscription for a second year after my experience more than exceeded my expectations, and I felt that it would be useful to share my knowledge with other day traders through this Investors Underground review.

In this review I will attempt to answer each of the following questions with the greatest amount of detail possible:

• What is Investors Underground?

• Who utilizes the available offerings?

• What are the costs associated with a subscription?

• What is the best way to yield the greatest possible benefit?

Of course, everything in this review is based on my own personal experience, but I feel that it is important to note that many of the other subscribers I have spoken with over the past 12 months have achieved similar results to my own. I therefore feel quite confident that my experience is hardly unique among subscribers to Investors Underground.

What Is Investors Underground?

Investors Underground is far more accurately defined as a trading community

Since I have come across a fair number of misconceptions regarding this subject, please allow me to begin by discussing what Investors Underground is not. To refer to Investors Underground as an “alerts service” is an incredibly erroneous characterization, particularly since the educational resources are so thorough and detailed in the information and essential data that is provided to traders.

In my experience, Investors Underground is far more accurately defined as a trading community that clearly understands the value of advance strategic planning along with actionable data made available in real time. With experienced and knowledgeable traders working alongside those who are new to day trading, Investors Underground has created a community in which information is shared and acted upon in a manner that benefits all members.

Who Utilizes the Available Offerings?

There is no one group of investors or traders that dominate the base of subscription holders with Investors Underground, as the day traders operating in the community represent varying levels of experience and skill levels and possess unique styles and approaches to trading. The diversity of the traders benefiting from this community is very much a reflection of the company’s commitment to providing a comprehensive resource that is valuable to a wide range of investors.

Since joining this community, I have been able to broaden the strategies I employ in my daily trading activities. I have found that having access to experts who are far more familiar than I am with specific strategies is particularly helpful, and I have learned a great deal from the moderators in the various chat rooms hosted by Investors Underground. It is in this way that even the most experienced day traders can significantly benefit from a subscription to this community of reactive traders.

What Are the Costs Associated With a Subscription?

On the advice of a colleague who was already familiar with Investors Underground, I made the choice to invest in a yearlong subscription at the elite level. This gave me access to the following services:investors live

• InvestorsLive scans

• Bi-monthly webinars

• Access to the Momentum, Swing and OTC Chat Rooms

• Weekly recap video lessons

• Access to the video lesson library

I know of many subscribers who have opted for the standard subscription and still enjoyed a great deal of impressive success, but it was simply my preference to be able to refer back to the video recaps and video lessons only available through the elite-level subscription. The costs of the various available subscriptions are as follows:

• Elite (Annual Rate): $1,897

• Elite (Monthly Rate): $297

• Standard (Annual Rate): $1,397

• Standard (Monthly Rate): $197

My suggestion for newcomers is to take advantage of the savings generated by an annual subscription, but it is certainly understandable that some may wish to try the services out through a monthly subscription at first. I would also suggest looking into the educational courses that are also made available through Investors Underground, particularly for traders like me who feel that there is no such thing as too much information.

What Is the Best Way to Yield the Greatest Possible Benefit?

All in all, my subscription has been nothing but positive in every way imaginable

The beauty of this subscription service is the fact that there is a multitude of ways to benefit. The community is so well versed in so many different styles that it is possible to adopt any number of investment strategies and yield significant success. Whether a subscriber wishes to strengthen a strategy with which they are already familiar or are interested in adopting a variety of approaches to day trading, the community created by Investors Underground represents an ideal resource.

My success in utilizing the services made available through the subscription has been largely based on my desire to learn and apply new information. I prefer a detailed approach that allows me to develop and implement a strategy for each day of trading, but it is also possible for subscribers to simply refer to the daily watch list and apply the game plan precisely as it has been outlined by Investors Underground. As a result, the subscription service should be appealing to a wide range of investors and day traders regardless of their personal styles and preferences.

It is also worth noting that the regular blog posts have been a consistent source of valuable advice on a variety of trading-related subjects, making the educational opportunities every bit as valuable as the watch lists and game plans that are central to the services provided through a subscription. All in all, my subscription has been nothing but positive in every way imaginable, and it was hardly a difficult decision to renew my subscription for another year.

Bus Charter Safety Practices Demonstrate Value of Preventive Maintenance

Ensuring the continued safety of passengers should be the prime objective of any business in the transportation industry, and this objective should be completely independent of the means of travel. Whether the travel is done by air, land or sea, passengers should be able to expect a safe and pleasant trip to their destination, so transportation businesses should engage in frequent preventive maintenance in order to ensure their passengers are able to feel completely at ease during their travels. When it comes to best practices, every business in the transportation industry ought to look to bus charter safety guidelines as a blueprint for preventive maintenance and passenger safety.

It should be noted that not all companies follow these practices, but the transportation companies that do utilize these practices are most likely to have an outstanding record of safety and passenger satisfaction. Perhaps the most important strategy used by these bus charter companies is the implementation of an internal safety department that is responsible for performing regular maintenance on their buses. Some companies outsource these responsibilities, but an in-house maintenance department is a far better strategy for ensuring the safe operation of the company’s charter buses.

With technological advancement and innovation occurring at an astonishing rate, enrollment in continuing education programs is also a necessity for maintenance professionals. These programs help to ensure that the individuals responsible for maintenance are aware of any technological changes and understand how to perform repairs based on the most recently updated information available. This also ensures that safety professionals are consistently employing the most effective safety procedures as they perform vital preventive maintenance tasks.

Of course, these sorts of safety measures cannot be implemented without a fairly sizable financial investment on the part of the company, but it should be quite clear that any investment made with the goal of ensuring the safety of passengers is entirely worthwhile. With well-trained maintenance professionals who understand the importance of the work they perform each day, transportation companies that take charter bus safety seriously set an ideal example for other companies in the transportation industry to follow.

Companies that offer any form of transportation — whether it is charter boats for deep-sea fishing or charter buses for comfortable and convenient travel to a specific destination — must demonstrate a continued commitment to the safety of their passengers by implementing a thorough preventive maintenance program. With a dedicated program in place, passengers can travel comfortably due to the knowledge of the company’s clear devotion to preventive maintenance and passenger safety.

Refreshing Your Boating Skills After Too Much Time Spent on Land

In our minds, most of us have the deep tan, the windswept hair and the salty, distant gaze that only comes to those who spend the bulk of their time out on the water. For most of us, however, life tends to get in the way and keeps us from enjoying boating as often as we should. It is not uncommon for even the most impassioned of boaters to go over a year or more without taking their boat out on the water, which is sad in its own right but also brings up several issues that need to be addressed. After a long layoff, boaters should consider each of the following tasks in order to refresh their skills and ensure a safe boating experience the next time they are able to get out onto the water.

Seek Out Boating Courses

While it may seem tempting to just hop on the boat with the belief that your skills will just come rushing back to you in an instant, the truth is that boating is not exactly like riding a bike. Instead, a long time away from the open water demands that you strongly consider taking a few refresher courses before setting out for the horizon. Even if you feel confident that a refresher course is unnecessary, it is never a bad idea to take a course to learn new skills with the goal of becoming an even better boater than ever before.

Perhaps learning how to navigate using only paper charts or through the use of celestial navigation will come in handy at some time in the future, and maybe learning how to perform some basic repairs will prove to be an exceptionally valuable skill. In the same way that DOT inspections Phoenix help to ensure safety, so too does developing an understanding of boat maintenance result in the greater likelihood for safe boat operation. This is why refreshing old skills and developing new ones is so important.

In any case, ongoing education can be highly beneficial for boaters who have experienced a long time away from their vessel. With new developments and new technology constantly being made available, a commitment to continuing education is a great way to enrich your boating experiences.

Consider Joining a Boat Club

If you are feeling a lack of confidence in your boating skills after too much time away, it might be a sound idea to go beyond taking a few refresher courses by joining a boat club. Obviously, there is an enjoyable social aspect to these clubs, and it is this social interaction that can be quite helpful in regaining a sense of confidence in your own boating skills.

Not only do these clubs offer many of the aforementioned courses, but they also provide the opportunity to go on excursions with more experienced boaters. This allows a boater whose skills might be a bit rusty after a long time away to regain the firsthand experience that is so important, all while avoiding the assumed risk of venturing out on their own.

How Activism Can Help

No matter how long you have been away from boating, environmental preservation is going to continue to be a pressing issue for many years to come. Getting involved with groups whose aim is to ensure everything that is great about the open water is preserved for future generations is a great way to rekindle the love of boating while also accomplishing something of great social importance. Without action on the part of mariners, the waters that boaters hold so dear will continue to degrade to such a degree that they will hardly be recognizable in the near future.

Introduce Deep-Sea Fishing to Friends and Family Through Charter Boat Rentals

It is quite difficult to understand why deep-sea fishing is not a more popular recreational pursuit among those living in or visiting coastal areas like Galveston, and it is even more surprising given the number of people who already enjoy spending time out on the water. It seems that even those who already own boats are more than content to stay relatively close to the shoreline for recreational fishing, perhaps not realizing what they are missing out on by choosing not to venture farther from land. For those who are new to fishing or boating, the concept of deep-sea fishing can be appear both daunting and beyond the reach of their skill level.

The fact of the matter is that deep-sea fishing offers an experience that is incredibly unique when compared to any traditional fishing trip. Just the journey out to a location in which deep-sea fishing is possible is a worthwhile experience, as the excitement over the the unknown possibilities that lie far off on the horizon along with the anxiety of floating farther and farther away from the relative safety of dry land is memorable in and of itself. Despite this, businesses in the deep-sea fishing industry do not enjoy the same professional status and prestige as roofing contractors in Phoenix, as there is almost a feeling that deep-sea fishing trips are just too good to be true.

Though it seems that the industry may have something of a marketing issue to overcome, there are many good reasons for fishing enthusiasts to take advantage of the availability of deep-sea fishing charter boat rentals. The cost of these rentals is surprisingly low given the expenses associated with owning and maintaining a vessel capable of venturing out into the deepest of waters, not to mention the fact that fuel also represents a fairly sizable expense. While it may not be convenient for many to own a boat of their own, a deep-sea charter makes it possible for anyone to enjoy the possibilities of the open water without the costs and maintenance associated with boat ownership.

Not only does a charter boat rental offer a novel experience, but it also represents an excellent opportunity for friends and family members to share in the unique experience of deep-sea fishing with those they care for most. The size of charter boats makes it possible to bring a large group of people along for the trip with plenty of room to spare. With so many people to share the experience, it almost does not even matter whether the trip yields any fish at all. After all, there is something exciting about being on a boat approaching 40 feet or more that is able to venture in excess of 100 miles from the shore.

Obviously, it is rarely the case that a deep-sea fishing trip yields no action on the oversized reels, as charter boat captains tend to be incredibly knowledgeable regarding the best areas for fishing and are able to utilize the latest in technological advances for locating big fish at varying depths as well. Even when there is not a single experienced fisherman in the group it is still quite likely that the captain’s expertise will bring plenty of opportunities to land shark, tuna, redfish, trout and tarpon, among many other types of fish typically found in coastal areas such as Galveston. It is hard to imagine that the deep-sea fishing industry will continue to be an under-the-radar recreational activity for anyone remotely interested in boating, so those who are looking to stimulate interests in deep-sea fishing among friends and family should take immediate advantage of this underrated opportunity.

Veterans Boaters Have Responsibility to Teach and Promote Safe Use

The freedom afforded by boating is one of its many appeals, and it is certainly true that many mariners are attracted by the possibilities of the vastness of the open water. Boating represents something of an opportunity for escape from all of the troubles and stresses of daily life in an increasingly connected society, and it is hard to imagine a better way to relax than experiencing the slow rock of the ocean as it gently lifts an unmoored boat and its passenger with nothing in sight but the faint outline of the shore on the horizon.

While boating is indeed a beautiful pursuit for this reason and so many others, that same feeling of freedom and detachment from daily life often leads to boaters engaging in unsafe behaviors. Though there is a great deal of oversight provided by law enforcement and other authorities charged with maintaining safe boating conditions, it is quite clear that many boaters continue to operate their equipment in ways that could be harmful to themselves or to others.

With this being the case, it is critical that veteran boaters take the time to reach out to new or uninformed boaters so they understand the risks they are taking by boating in an unsafe way. Ken Fisher has clearly demonstrated the value of educating others, and boaters can take a lesson from this fact by sharing their knowledge and expertise with others who happen to be passionate about boating.

There are many boaters who believe there are few things better than a cold adult beverage while cruising along the open water. Certainly there are occasions in which it is acceptable to indulge these sorts of tastes, but it should be obvious that it is not an appropriate activity to engage in while in charge of any boat, large or small. Even the slightest bit of impairment can cause a boater to miss important signage or fail to recognize obstructions that are just below the surface, resulting in damage to the vessel that could lead to the boat capsizing.

Getting lost on the open water or experiencing an emergency while far from land is incredibly dangerous, so whatever enjoyment one experiences while consuming adult beverages during boating activities is far from worthwhile considering the risk. Of course, the authorities are always on the lookout for this sort of behavior due to the fact that they are all too familiar with the potential consequences, yet many boaters fail to heed the advice of authority figures whom they perceive as out to ruin their good time. This is why fellow boaters must share in the responsibility to ensure boater safety, as most people are more likely to listen to advice when it comes from a peer rather than an authority figure.

Impaired boating is not the only concerning behavior commonly engaged in by boaters, as boaters tend to enjoy a thrill and view the open water as a sort of personal playground in which just about anything goes. No wake zones are ignored with regularity and many boaters venture out into open water without the proper safety equipment. The common assumption here is that nothing will go wrong so there will be no need to bring equipment along, so when something does happen to go wrong, it goes terribly wrong and results in dire circumstances that should have been easily avoided.

One of the most effective ways to help new or inexperienced (or careless) boaters take the proper precautions is to share stories in which unexpected consequences arose but disaster was averted due to a consistent adherence to proper boat safety. Hearing a story of someone else’s experience makes the situation suddenly seem more plausible and will help convince others to understand the importance of cautious behavior.

For veteran boaters, it is essential to view education of others as a responsibility, as far too many boaters take unnecessary and unadvisable chances that can lead to disastrous consequences. A chance encounter with someone who doesn’t have a full understanding of why the rules and guidelines are in place may ultimately save their life or the lives of others.

Mukesh Valabahji – Plenty of Options Available for Sailing Trips Out of Galveston

Galveston is an excellent starting point for true sailing enthusiasts who wish to embark on a wide variety of short- and long-term adventures on the open water. While the Texas town is not always immediately recognized as a point of departure among the seafaring type, there is a good reason that the city’s boating community has thrived for all of these years. The town is loaded with suppliers and is home to many experts who can ensure any vessel is properly outfitted for its next voyage regardless of its ultimate destination.

While it is certainly essential that the town features plenty of expert sailors who understand the nuances of travel preparation, Galveston’s geography is one of its most compelling features, as it is ideally positioned for journeys heading to points throughout the Gulf of Mexico, in the Caribbean, down the Central American Coast and beyond. With so many options, it should come as little surprise that many of the most serious and masterful mariners either make their home in Galveston or keep their vessels docked on its shores.

Short Sailing Jaunts Throughout the Gulf of Mexico

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly rare for smaller sailing vessels to depart on extended journeys with any sort of regularity, but this has made shorter sailing trips throughout the Gulf of Mexico all the more popular. During the peak of Mardi Gras season, many yachtsmen and other sailors hop aboard their vessels and make the short trip to New Orleans, taking part in the festivities in the French Quarter and recovering aboard their boats after each day’s excitement.

Of course, Mardi Gras is not the only internationally known party destination that attracts boaters departing from Galveston, as Mukesh Valabhji has noted that Cancun is also a popular destination among a certain crowd of boaters. While Valabhji has stated a preference for sailing to some of the more historically significant locations along the Gulf Coast of Mexico, it remains true that many of those sailing out of Galveston find a great deal of appeal in a brief jaunt to any place hosting a major celebration.

Idyllic Ventures to the Caribbean

In terms of pure aesthetic beauty, there are few things that can compete with a sailing trip through the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean. Given its position in the Gulf of Mexico, many sailors set out for a trip that will take them to several different points of interest along the way. A common sailing route takes these adventurers to the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Antigua, Barbados and Jamaica before heading back to the Texas shoreline. Timing these journeys properly is always of paramount importance, as many longtime residents of Galveston have harrowing tales of survival due to the rough seas encountered on this particular route.

Extended Trips Down the Central American Coast

For those who have the increasingly rare pleasure of extended time away, an extended trip that heads down the Central American coast is often the preferred option. Beginning with the Yucatan Peninsula and then heading to Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, many sailors dock their vessels for extended periods of time to enjoy the unique cultures they encounter along the way.

While many begin their trip in this way, the return options can vary quite a bit. Valabhji has noticed that many prefer the loop that takes them past the northernmost coast of South America and then back through the Caribbean, as this provides the option to makes stops in Jamaica and Cuba before heading home. Others, however, enjoy the sights and sounds of the places they stopped during the first part of their journey and decide to make a return visit to those same cities that dot the Central American coast.

As Valabhji sees it, Galveston should be held in higher esteem as a city of mariners, but she also points out that many residents don’t necessarily mind the city’s relatively low profile. While the city may be something of an under-the-radar locale for sailing enthusiasts, most observers feel that it won’t be too much longer before the secret gets out among those in the sailing community.