Port of Galveston an Important Component of a Thriving Community

Luigi Wewege interview at the World Business Dialogue in Cologne, GermanyGalveston is already regarded as an area that is very welcoming and attractive to boating enthusiasts, but the area is also quite well known for the commerce made possible through the Port of Galveston. A number of international businesses use the port with great frequency, and it seems that there is a new announcement each passing day introducing the latest company to take advantage of the port.

According to Luigi Wewege, many residents enjoy a direct benefit from the jobs that are created each time a new business begins using the Port of Galveston. Wewege pointed out that many residents do not quite understand the indirect benefit that the port brings, and it is the commerce that comes through the Port of Galveston that supports the city itself and the recreational opportunities that are available, including boating. Most boating enthusiasts pass the port and do not consider how its presence has a positive effect, but without the port there would be reduced recreational opportunities for all.

The latest announcement comes from BMW Group. The incredibly popular German automaker has announced that it is building a vehicle distribution center in Galveston, bringing a multitude of jobs that will also stimulate the local economy in a significant way. Leaders expect this to be a very profitable endeavor for the city, citing not just job creation, but also the fact that the presence of BMW Group will only serve to further legitimize the city’s port as an ideal location for distribution to places like Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

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