Boat Repair Business Compared To Slaske Builders

People come from far and wide to the grand city of Galveston to have their boats repaired simply because they say we do the best jobĀ of anywhere else they know of. Compliments like this really humble me and make me feel good about myself and the business I have. I guess when I think about it, I can understand the customer I made fun of for dropping everything they had in Texas and moving all the way to Ohio just for a house to be build by Slaske Builders.

If I think about it even more, I can compare my boat repair business to the Slaske Builders business. The difference is I repair and they build. I work with boats and they work with homes; not just any home, but specifically your dream home. We both use the best of the best materials in our handiwork and we both have a passion for what we do. Also, people come to us both from all over America just for our business.

The sad truth is that Slaske Builders, being such a great company, is exclusive to Ohio and as much as I’d love to live in one of their fine built houses, I’d have to pack up my business to support theirs. Maybe I could consider having a vacation home away from home in Ohio.



5 Methods To Recognize A Steady Network Advertising And Marketing Opportunity

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