From Galveston to Guam, Investors Underground Offers Access to an Exceptional Community of Day Traders

sea-431772_960_720Galveston is not exactly immediately identified as a city in which there is a thriving community of investment-minded individuals, and it is certainly not one in which the practice of day trading is so readily associated. Despite this fact, residents of Galveston are nonetheless able to enjoy the extensive benefits made possible through continued access to a sizable community of like-minded investors interested in sharing their unique insights and expertise regarding day trading methods and strategies.

Through the community of day traders established by Investors Underground, day traders living in Galveston are able to connect with day traders in locations all over the country, making it possible to expand their base of knowledge to a degree that would have not otherwise been possible without the existence of such a community. There is also the clear benefit associated with live updates provided through the day trading community’s forums, and those without much previous experience in day trading are able to benefit from access to supportive mentors as well as regularly occurring educational opportunities.

Dedicated investors have always found a way in which they could overcome geographic barriers in order to pursue the investment strategy they felt would be most beneficial, and Investors Underground’s day trading community has succeeded in removing whatever geographic barriers may have remained by making day trading commonplace in some of the most remote areas in which few would have ever expected to find a thriving investment community.

Mukesh Valabahji – Plenty of Options Available for Sailing Trips Out of Galveston

Galveston is an excellent starting point for true sailing enthusiasts who wish to embark on a wide variety of short- and long-term adventures on the open water. While the Texas town is not always immediately recognized as a point of departure among the seafaring type, there is a good reason that the city’s boating community has thrived for all of these years. The town is loaded with suppliers and is home to many experts who can ensure any vessel is properly outfitted for its next voyage regardless of its ultimate destination.

While it is certainly essential that the town features plenty of expert sailors who understand the nuances of travel preparation, Galveston’s geography is one of its most compelling features, as it is ideally positioned for journeys heading to points throughout the Gulf of Mexico, in the Caribbean, down the Central American Coast and beyond. With so many options, it should come as little surprise that many of the most serious and masterful mariners either make their home in Galveston or keep their vessels docked on its shores.

Short Sailing Jaunts Throughout the Gulf of Mexico

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly rare for smaller sailing vessels to depart on extended journeys with any sort of regularity, but this has made shorter sailing trips throughout the Gulf of Mexico all the more popular. During the peak of Mardi Gras season, many yachtsmen and other sailors hop aboard their vessels and make the short trip to New Orleans, taking part in the festivities in the French Quarter and recovering aboard their boats after each day’s excitement.

Of course, Mardi Gras is not the only internationally known party destination that attracts boaters departing from Galveston, as Mukesh Valabhji has noted that Cancun is also a popular destination among a certain crowd of boaters. While Valabhji has stated a preference for sailing to some of the more historically significant locations along the Gulf Coast of Mexico, it remains true that many of those sailing out of Galveston find a great deal of appeal in a brief jaunt to any place hosting a major celebration.

Idyllic Ventures to the Caribbean

In terms of pure aesthetic beauty, there are few things that can compete with a sailing trip through the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean. Given its position in the Gulf of Mexico, many sailors set out for a trip that will take them to several different points of interest along the way. A common sailing route takes these adventurers to the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Antigua, Barbados and Jamaica before heading back to the Texas shoreline. Timing these journeys properly is always of paramount importance, as many longtime residents of Galveston have harrowing tales of survival due to the rough seas encountered on this particular route.

Extended Trips Down the Central American Coast

For those who have the increasingly rare pleasure of extended time away, an extended trip that heads down the Central American coast is often the preferred option. Beginning with the Yucatan Peninsula and then heading to Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, many sailors dock their vessels for extended periods of time to enjoy the unique cultures they encounter along the way.

While many begin their trip in this way, the return options can vary quite a bit. Valabhji has noticed that many prefer the loop that takes them past the northernmost coast of South America and then back through the Caribbean, as this provides the option to makes stops in Jamaica and Cuba before heading home. Others, however, enjoy the sights and sounds of the places they stopped during the first part of their journey and decide to make a return visit to those same cities that dot the Central American coast.

As Valabhji sees it, Galveston should be held in higher esteem as a city of mariners, but she also points out that many residents don’t necessarily mind the city’s relatively low profile. While the city may be something of an under-the-radar locale for sailing enthusiasts, most observers feel that it won’t be too much longer before the secret gets out among those in the sailing community.

Boat Repair Business Compared To Slaske Builders

People come from far and wide to the grand city of Galveston to have their boats repaired simply because they say we do the best job of anywhere else they know of. Compliments like this really humble me and make me feel good about myself and the business I have. I guess when I think about it, I can understand the customer I made fun of for dropping everything they had in Texas and moving all the way to Ohio just for a house to be build by Slaske Builders.

If I think about it even more, I can compare my boat repair business to the Slaske Builders business. The difference is I repair and they build. I work with boats and they work with homes; not just any home, but specifically your dream home. We both use the best of the best materials in our handiwork and we both have a passion for what we do. Also, people come to us both from all over America just for our business.

The sad truth is that Slaske Builders, being such a great company, is exclusive to Ohio and as much as I’d love to live in one of their fine built houses, I’d have to pack up my business to support theirs. Maybe I could consider having a vacation home away from home in Ohio.



Galveston’s Cycling Community Could Benefit From Greater Promotion

Residents and visitors of Galveston recognize that there is a great deal of enjoyable activities available on any given day, but the city may be selling itself short when it comes to promoting its growing community of cyclists. Texas is home to many professional cycling clubs and features an ideal climate and terrain for cyclists who are quite serious about training, and it is certainly not uncommon to see large groups of riders tightly packed together while moving at a pace that is beyond impressive. This is the case in Galveston as well, but it is not just cyclists with professional aspirations that enjoy a ride through the city each day.

Commuters take advantage of the seasons in which a long bike ride to and from work is more than comfortable, and cycling remains a frequent recreational pursuit for many of Galveston’s permanent residents. The city has done well to ensure bike safety by promoting the use of bike lanes and alerting drivers and cyclists of the rules that both groups have to follow to ensure road safety. This is laudable work on the part of Galveston, as the consequences of failing to be proactive regarding bike safety can be extremely serious.

The focus on ensuring safety is a good start for the city, as cyclists visiting from other cities want to be sure that they will not be putting their lives at risk just by riding their bike. It is still necessary, however, for the city to consider a greater degree of promotion regarding the city’s layout and how it is perfectly suited for bikers who want to see everything the city has to offer while traveling at a leisurely cycling pace. Sebastian Hirsch believes the city could take a page from San Diego’s promotional strategy when it comes to drawing more cyclists from out of town while also creating a new way for residents to experience the city in which they live.

Many of San Diego’s attractions were designed with cyclists in mind, and many of the attractions that were not designed in this way have been altered slightly to better appeal to the cycling population. As a result, traffic concerns have been reduced and a thriving bike tour industry has sprung up in the city. Considering the potential benefits of such a pursuit, Galveston could do well to make some simple changes that benefit both the city and the cycling community.

This Is The Only Drawback for Galveston, Texas

Galveston, Texas as I have written about before is full of wonderful things to do with fishing possibly being the #1 entertainment and group pastime activities. While fishing, you can catch everything from fish to sharks can be caught for good clean sport in the Galveston waters.

As far as the downsides of Galveston, Texas, you won’t be able to get the top notch service you would if you had your dental appointments at Karl Jobst DDS. Trust me, I have been to Karl Jobst DDS and I can say fully that I wish we had one here in Galveston, Texas.

Galveston Hometown

If you are from Galveston you are probably proud of your hometown.  What a great place to live.  Many have home towns that they are glad to leave but Galveston is a great place to stay and raise your family. images47KW20DG untitled (135) The cost of living is low compared to other areas in the country and Galveston is large enough to have everything you need close by.  A short drive to rural Galveston is a great place to build that dream home.  Luke Weil is a Galveston resident and will never leave.  There is no reason to ever leave as this town is the best.

Galveston The Right Location

Is Galveston Texas the right location for you and your family to live.  The area has a lot to offer.  Being near the coast the beaches are amazing.  The really good thing is that the area is very inexpensive to live inuntitled (54) untitled (53).  If you want to be in a warmer climate this area is for you.  The winters are usually mild except for the occasional hurricane.  Now if you don’t like the hurricane risk then you may want to look elsewhere. I think that the area is one of the best to relocate a family to and you would not be disappointed.  Terry Simpson MD is a good doctor to use while in Galveston.

Galveston or San Antonio

imagesMTN6YZWQ imagesC25W7P62 imagesKWAOP49PShould you live in Galveston or San Antonio.  Well San Antonio is not on the coast so if the ocean is important to you Galveston is you place to live.  San Antonio has water.  The river runs right through town.  In fact you can ride a water taxi all over the downtown area.  It is really cool.  I was stationed at Fort Sam Huston while in the Army and loved the area.  If you have a love of historic places the San Antonio is a good place to explore.  The Alamo is one of the many interesting museums to explore. Consolidated Credit has made their home office there.

Galveston This Vacation

untitled (5) untitled (4) untitled (3)Galveston Texas is a great place to spend your next vacation.  The beaches are beautiful and the piers are fun to walk.  Take a boat ride and see the whales and dolphins.  The shops are great and the prices are even better.  If you like the warm weather then the Galveston area is for you.  I travel in the Galveston area in an RV and had a great time.  The park we stayed in was great and the price was lower than expected.  We didn’t want to leave.  Phil Pustejovsky is a local and love the Galveston area. When our time was up we did not want to leave.

Dana Sibilsky Discovers Passion for Boating After Visit to Galveston

Dana Sibilsky had never really had much experience with any aspect of boating before her visit to Galveston, Texas, but the longtime Pennsylvania native discovered that she felt something of a spark from the first moment she set foot on her great uncle’s fishing boat.

Just one day after her arrival in Galveston, Dana Sibilsky’s uncle, Robert Sibilsky, had convinced her that some time out on the water would do her some good. She had already told him that she had no interest in fishing or waterskiing or tubing or anything else, but he was able to reason with her that just the gentle bobbing of the boat on the water would do her some good.

Rob brought extra fishing poles and some bait just in case, and he had a whole array of tubes and skis already in place on the boat. After a quick trip around Tiki Island in the West Bay of Galveston, Rob settled on a good place for casting his reel and handed Dana Sibilsky a pole in case she wanted to give it a try. She did, and it was almost immediately that felt a tug on her line. She did not know to set the hook and lost whatever was on the end of the line, but that tug was enough to make her want to try again.

So Rob and Dana Sibilsky continued to pass the time out on the bay while fishing and chatting about the rest of their big family, and eventually Dana became curious about the waterski equipment and what tubing might be like. Rob was not surprised and after a bit of discussion, he set up the towrope so that Dana could give tubing a try.

After pulling the tube all over the West Bay, it was clear to Rob that Dana was thoroughly enjoying herself. While she declined to try piloting the boat herself, she decided that she was going to buy a boat of her own, or that she would at least make Galveston a much more frequent destination.