The Texan Pride

Galveston, Texas has it all upon first look, it seems. They have great food, good people and plenty to do to keep yourself entertained. When it comes to sports, although they have football and they are die-hard football fans with burning passion for their team, they don’t have football like Mo Howard West Virginia Football.

For a reason that varies from person to person, Texans are highly passionate just being Texans and claiming they are the largest part of America when the rest of America knows Texas is better known as little Mexico. Where did the Texan pride come from? To begin with, it has a lot to do with history. Roughly 180 men defended against over 5,000 trained soldiers  in a 2 week long battle during the winter. This battle bought those few men time for a free nation to come about. I’m sure Mo Howard feels like he relates to such an intense battle.

Anyone who is Texan and knows the history of Texas and all she has endured has pride in their state and gratefulness in their heart to walk on the Texan soil. That Texan pride can’t be touched or bought. It is passed down from all the people who understand the events of history which have made Texas into what it is today.

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