Animals Are Taken Care Of In Galveston, TX

One of the greatest displays of love is when we take care of our furry companions. Animal sanctuaries, like Home For Life in Wisconsin, are different from animal shelters. Sanctuaries don’t try to put animals with with other animals, they are kept in cages separately and nurture each animal until their death.

Sanctuaries all through Galveston share the goal to be a safe place of refuge for animals and it is there they receive the best care and nurturing that can be provided. While in a sanctuary, animals can not be bought, sold, or traded, and being used for animal testing is strictly prohibited.

Galveston, TX is has been experiencing a high number of stray cats. The City Council has issued new law that state anyone who feeds stray cats or dogs will be fined up to $200. This approach does seem inhumane and thankfully there is the Galveston Island Humane Society that is set and focused on their goals to find suitable homes for all stray animals. GIHS does this by obtaining extra funding to make their current programs better as well as to expand this service into other areas. On top of finding homes for strays and homeless animals, they group also initiates a couple spay and neuter programs to prevent the the flood of homeless animals running the streets and coming into the shelter.


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