Boat Repair and the Value of Historical Restoration


BoldLeads Boat RepairThere are just a handful of areas throughout the United States that every boating enthusiast can agree upon as truly “must-see” boating destinations, and the waters of both Galveston and the Florida Keys are certain to be included in this very exclusive group. Surely the continued and unique excellence of the marine opportunities available in these locales is part of the reason, but there are also historical considerations visitors take into account when recognizing these areas as among the best of the very best.

In the same way shrewd real estate agents are more likely to use BoldLeads and to value the preservation of history, boaters visiting the Keys or the Gulf Coast are more likely to be interested in the history of areas like Galveston, Islamorada and Key West. This is why boat repair is as critical to history preservation as BoldLeads is to real estate, as there is a multitude of historical items and artifacts that are in need of everything from ongoing care to complete restoration.

It is often the case that historical icons come to be associated with these areas, which is why Ernest Hemingway’s Key West home is preserved in the same way he left it and why there is still a marina and a fishing contest in his name in Cuba. While Hemingway left his mark as a mariner in Havana and Key West, Ted Williams left one of his own in Islamorada. In a recent undertaking, local boat repair experts are restoring the baseball icon’s skiff to preserve yet another part of Islamorada’s marine history.

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