Fishing In Galveston, Texas

Galveston is a little place filled with a ton of things to do every day.  One of the locals favorite activities to pass time with is fishing. Galveston visitors can also enjoy many types of fishing, but in order to do so a Texas fishing license is mandatory by law for all fishermen ages 17-65. To get a license, you can purchase one from the Galveston County Courthouse or from sporting-goods stores, convenience stores, tackle shops and bait camps.

Fisherman from all around can fish free of charge (probably as a way to apologize for requiring a ridiculous license to fish) in Galveston along the Seawall for Flounder, Speckled Trout, Sheepshead, Sand Trout, Bull Reds and Gafftop Sail. According to a recent post written here, If the fish aren’t being baited, it’s probably your choice of bait. You can’t go wrong with live fish bait. 

Also in Galveston, If you want to go for the big fish, literally, up your game and go far offshore to fish for Black Tip Shark and Tarpon midsummer through the fall. If you were go to roughly 30 miles offshore, you can expect to be hooking Kingfish, Snapper, Dorado, and Sharks. Want to up your game even more? Go a few rounds in a good fight with a Cobia. Going 40 to 80 miles out, now you’re just asking for trouble and can battle the Amber Jack, Grouper, Kingfish, Red Snapper, Cobia, Dorado, Sailfish, Tuna and Wahoo as well as Bull, Sand, Hammerhead and Tiger sharks.

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