Galveston Legal Dispute Over Landmarks

Galveston is a great place to be, but just like any place in the world there are also conflicts and some of these issues are major enough to require legal action. This story is similar to the story concerning Dr. Malfitano and the legal action he went through with the Ombry House sale

The Port of Galveston was looking for help from a state judge in the case of removal of heavy machinery from its property. A lawsuit was filed against an International LLC and its manager, James Richard Malone. The Port had requested the Galveston County District Court Judge to issue an order demanding the defendants to take cranes and other involved parts of machinery away from Pier 10 on the city’s East End and also pay storage fees.

At an auction in April 2008, the defendants purchased the property and the original petition says so. It adds to the petition, “Some but not all of the objects in machinery have been removed the property.” The plaintiff claims it repeatedly demanded Malone to remove the cranes, which are known Galveston landmarks, and pay approximately $150,000 in accrued storage charges.

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