How To Increase The Value of Your Houseboat

Robert Tweed

With the traveling industry at an all-time high, owning a houseboat can be a good investment aside from other real estate properties. Many vacationers are looking for good quality houseboats that they can rent or buy in popular vacation spots such as in the states of Florida, California, and Seattle.

The Houseboat Value Breakdown

“As with all other properties, a houseboat’s perceived value can be assessed through its overall quality, location, and price range of competitors,” says Robert Tweed, the CEO and President of TFS Properties. A houseboat can be priced at around $48,000 up to $200,000 depending on its size and quality, among other factors. Although some variables cannot be controlled, there are things that you can definitely do to increase the value of your houseboat.

Whether you are looking into selling or renting out your houseboat, here are some practical tips to help you increase its value.

How To Increase The Value of Your Houseboat

1. Perform your exterior paint maintenance regularly

As houseboats are constantly submerged in water. This means that your boat’s exterior may be prone to rust, molds, algae, and other forms of impurities that can lower its value. A good measure would be to perform 2-4 times a year paint maintenance schedule to avoid corrosion of your houseboat exterior. Doing this simple measure will improve the overall integrity of your houseboat and improve its overall exterior appearance.

2. Stick to classic interior pieces

Customers who purchase a houseboat are often more curious to see what it looks like inside than on the outside. In order to increase the value of your houseboat, it is better to stick to classic pieces such as mahogany furniture, marble counters, and genuine leather upholsteries. This way, you won’t have to keep on upgrading your interiors based on trends and customers of all ages are satisfied. Avoid Avante-Garde designs as these might appear unappealing to some clients. The purpose of a houseboat is to bring comfort and relaxation in the open water, and not to bring shock to your customers.

3. Hire a professional property cleaner

Just like any other real estate property, a houseboat will be needing regular general cleaning. You may want to hire a professional to clean out some corners and furniture which may be difficult to do by yourself. Other professionals are in the business of cleaning heaters, refrigerators, vents and air conditioning appliances for your houseboat. They guarantee to clean every nuke and cranny that needs to be filtered for dust and molds.

4. Double check for repairs before appraisal

Before a price appraisal by an agent, make sure to double check for repairs. These include signs of leaks, flooding, creaky floors, rust or old paint. Make sure that all your built-in pieces of furniture are functional if you plan to sell them along with your houseboat. Do these repairs in advance to make sure that a higher price is guaranteed on your appraisal.

5. Have inexpensive but high-quality upgrades

A helpful way to improve the appearance of your houseboat is through simple and inexpensive upgrades. If you know how to attach wallpaper, you can do so to highlight some key features of your houseboat. You can also work on adding the door and floor frames, add special tiling to kitchen counters if you can do it yourself. Otherwise, you can hire an affordable professional to have these simple upgrades for you. These upgrades will not only make your houseboat more attractive for customers, it can also bring in a higher value upon appraisal.

6. Secure your houseboat’s insurance

Another important thing to factor in is your houseboat’s insurance. Make sure that your houseboat is covered by insurance plans in case a calamity strikes on the area. You want to assure your potential buyer that even if some undesirable things come its way, the houseboat will be fully covered and damages will be minimal. Insurances are crucial for houseboats because they are located on bodies of water. This is an additional bonus that will truly add value to your houseboat.

7. Have an insight of an interior designer

If you are clueless about upgrading your houseboat’s look, it may be best to consult an interior designer to create an ideal style. An interior designer will help you match your houseboat’s look and feel from the inside and out. You can present the designer some inspiration photos and both of you can work from there to choose which upgrades and pieces can match your style and improve the value of your houseboat.

“Houseboats may seem all-too-fancy for some real estate investors, but it’s actually a good investment if you’re looking into tourism-related properties. All it takes is some wise touch-ups, few regular maintenances, and a good marketing strategy,” Robert Tweed added.

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