Reviewing the Trading Community Created by Investors Underground

investors_undergroundIn this review, I will be discussing the many advantages made available through the services offered by Investors Underground. I joined this day trading community just over a year ago and simply hoped to find advice on how to improve my level of investment success on penny stocks, which had been solid up to that point but was still relatively unimpressive. I recently renewed my subscription for a second year after my experience more than exceeded my expectations, and I felt that it would be useful to share my knowledge with other day traders through this Investors Underground review.

In this review I will attempt to answer each of the following questions with the greatest amount of detail possible:

• What is Investors Underground?

• Who utilizes the available offerings?

• What are the costs associated with a subscription?

• What is the best way to yield the greatest possible benefit?

Of course, everything in this review is based on my own personal experience, but I feel that it is important to note that many of the other subscribers I have spoken with over the past 12 months have achieved similar results to my own. I therefore feel quite confident that my experience is hardly unique among subscribers to Investors Underground.

What Is Investors Underground?

Investors Underground is far more accurately defined as a trading community

Since I have come across a fair number of misconceptions regarding this subject, please allow me to begin by discussing what Investors Underground is not. To refer to Investors Underground as an “alerts service” is an incredibly erroneous characterization, particularly since the educational resources are so thorough and detailed in the information and essential data that is provided to traders.

In my experience, Investors Underground is far more accurately defined as a trading community that clearly understands the value of advance strategic planning along with actionable data made available in real time. With experienced and knowledgeable traders working alongside those who are new to day trading, Investors Underground has created a community in which information is shared and acted upon in a manner that benefits all members.

Who Utilizes the Available Offerings?

There is no one group of investors or traders that dominate the base of subscription holders with Investors Underground, as the day traders operating in the community represent varying levels of experience and skill levels and possess unique styles and approaches to trading. The diversity of the traders benefiting from this community is very much a reflection of the company’s commitment to providing a comprehensive resource that is valuable to a wide range of investors.

Since joining this community, I have been able to broaden the strategies I employ in my daily trading activities. I have found that having access to experts who are far more familiar than I am with specific strategies is particularly helpful, and I have learned a great deal from the moderators in the various chat rooms hosted by Investors Underground. It is in this way that even the most experienced day traders can significantly benefit from a subscription to this community of reactive traders.

What Are the Costs Associated With a Subscription?

On the advice of a colleague who was already familiar with Investors Underground, I made the choice to invest in a yearlong subscription at the elite level. This gave me access to the following services:investors live

• InvestorsLive scans

• Bi-monthly webinars

• Access to the Momentum, Swing and OTC Chat Rooms

• Weekly recap video lessons

• Access to the video lesson library

I know of many subscribers who have opted for the standard subscription and still enjoyed a great deal of impressive success, but it was simply my preference to be able to refer back to the video recaps and video lessons only available through the elite-level subscription. The costs of the various available subscriptions are as follows:

• Elite (Annual Rate): $1,897

• Elite (Monthly Rate): $297

• Standard (Annual Rate): $1,397

• Standard (Monthly Rate): $197

My suggestion for newcomers is to take advantage of the savings generated by an annual subscription, but it is certainly understandable that some may wish to try the services out through a monthly subscription at first. I would also suggest looking into the educational courses that are also made available through Investors Underground, particularly for traders like me who feel that there is no such thing as too much information.

What Is the Best Way to Yield the Greatest Possible Benefit?

All in all, my subscription has been nothing but positive in every way imaginable

The beauty of this subscription service is the fact that there is a multitude of ways to benefit. The community is so well versed in so many different styles that it is possible to adopt any number of investment strategies and yield significant success. Whether a subscriber wishes to strengthen a strategy with which they are already familiar or are interested in adopting a variety of approaches to day trading, the community created by Investors Underground represents an ideal resource.

My success in utilizing the services made available through the subscription has been largely based on my desire to learn and apply new information. I prefer a detailed approach that allows me to develop and implement a strategy for each day of trading, but it is also possible for subscribers to simply refer to the daily watch list and apply the game plan precisely as it has been outlined by Investors Underground. As a result, the subscription service should be appealing to a wide range of investors and day traders regardless of their personal styles and preferences.

It is also worth noting that the regular blog posts have been a consistent source of valuable advice on a variety of trading-related subjects, making the educational opportunities every bit as valuable as the watch lists and game plans that are central to the services provided through a subscription. All in all, my subscription has been nothing but positive in every way imaginable, and it was hardly a difficult decision to renew my subscription for another year.

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